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Community Engagement

CE Minor: Request a Course Substitution

Courses that are not listed under the Community-Engagement minor course List A, List B and List C can be considered for inclusion if they meet the criteria of the Minor. Faculty, staff, or students can submit a course for assessment to be considered as part of the Minor by contacting the Office of Community Engagement at Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Home Faculty
  • Your Program of Study and Level
  • Have you already taken these courses, are you currently taking them, or are you planning on taking them?
  • Please share with the course syllabi
  • Faculty (of the course you are submitting the request for e.g., Science or Humanities)
  • Program (of the course you are submitting the request for e.g., Biology or Philosophy)
  • Course Code and Title
  • Course Outline (link or attach a copy)
  • Name and Email of Course Instructor (who taught when you took the course)
  • Have you had any other courses approved for substitutions? 
    • If yes, please list using Course Code and Title