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Community Engagement

Catalyst Grant FAQs

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The following action-oriented principles were co-developed by community and University partners to inform our community-campus partnerships:

Relationships We can’t have community without relationships—these are the connections that build community. Any successful partnership must be built on trusting and respectful relationships guided by integrity. We realize that relationships take time to develop and thus we commit to providing opportunities to connect people across communities, sectors, and disciplines.
Reciprocity From design, to participation, to the outcomes of a project, we strive to work together for mutual benefit.
Equity We are conscious of the historical and structural inequities that exist in society and strive to provide access and opportunities to all residents and members of our communities.
Continuity Acknowledging that different communities work on different timelines and schedules, we strive to consider both the short and long-term implications of our work together.
Openness to Learning Change takes time. We are committed to continually learn from and evaluate our work together, reflecting on and sharing both our successes and failures to grow as individuals, partnerships, and communities.
Commitment to Act We aspire to make a positive difference in our community by sharing and acting on our knowledge to contribute to the greater social good.

In the past funded projects have included: research compensation for community participants (including gift cards and meals) event/workshops facilitation costs; opportunities to give back to community partners

Funding cannot be applied towards equipment, conference travel, or ongoing initiatives

Collaborative projects with new, and emerging community partners working towards mutual benefit ​and pursuing outcomes aligned with McMaster’s community engagement goals and objectives