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Community Engagement

McMaster Access Strategy

McMaster’s Access Strategy assists academically qualified students from underrepresented groups in Hamilton and surrounding communities to access university education at the undergraduate level.

We work with students to help navigate the application and admissions process and are here to ensure success through to graduation.

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McMaster provides tuition-free access for current and former foster kids

McMaster University is eliminating tuition fees for current and former foster children who are working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree.

underrepresented groups often include:

  • Students with parents who did not attend, or complete, post-secondary studies (first-generation university students)

  • Indigenous students

  • Students with disabilities

  • Certain racialized minority students (especially youth with Afro-Canadian and Latin American backgrounds)

  • Students from low-income families and neighbourhoods

  • Adult learners who are new to post-secondary education,

  • Students from rural communities

  • Women (in some faculties)

  • Students who wouldn’t attend post-secondary without additional programs or supports

who qualifies for access?

Any student from an underrepresented group who is also affiliated with any of our community partnerships.

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Our Partnerships Include

Pathways to Education

Empowerment Sqaured

Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board

Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

Hamilton Community Foundation - ABACUS

Focus of the Access Strategy

General Application Support:  The Access Strategy is available to support you from the moment you consider applying to the summer before you start your first year.

Introductions to:


For more information, please contact us to get in touch with the Access Program Manager, Celeste Licorish.

Stories About the Access Strategy