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Community Engagement Database Search

Welcome to McMaster’s Community Engagement Database!  Please use the search bar below to scan the database. For a full database listing, simply click the “Search” button without any words in the search bar area. You can search using specific keywords or phrases (this function can be changed by you when searching).

The database can be searched in two ways:

  • By person: Provides details about the person and their community engagement interests. You can click on their name to see any projects they may have or click on a link at the bottom of the profile to access their webpage and contact information.
  • By project: Provides details about specific projects, including a project summary, start and end dates, keywords, location, and website (if applicable).

Would you like to add your own information to the database? Click here to sign up for McMaster’s Community Engagement Database. Faculty members, staff, and students are encouraged to join. We are also exploring the possibility of incorporating community partners into the database over 2016.