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Community Engagement

Submission Details

The selection committee requests nominators to submit a nomination package by Friday February 12, 2021 to

Each submission must include the following items:

  • Nomination Submission from nominator that can come in one of three formats:
    • Written submission: 2 pages maximum
    • Video submission: 2 minutes maximum
    • Audio submission: 2 minutes maximum

Regardless of the type of submission, and considering the evaluation criteria noted above, each nominator is requested to answer the following questions:

    • Who are you nominating?
    • What is their project?
    • When did this partnership begin?
    • Where does the partnership take place?
    • Why is the partnership worthy of being nominated?
    • How does the partnership meet the criteria of the award?
    • How will this partnership use the award money to further their efforts
  • Faculty Member CV(s)
  • Three (3) Letters/Statements of Reference for the project/initiative for its impact on the public good. Similar to the nomination submission from the initial nominator (see 1 above), and speaking to the evaluation criteria noted above, these statements may take either a written, video or audio form.

The achievements of award recipients will be acknowledged at a community engagement event to be held in 2021.

Please direct any inquiries to Ashley Shinde in the Office of Community Engagement at