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Community Engagement

AOC Past Projects

Winter 2022 Projects

Project Team 1: Inclusionary Zoning & Transit Oriented Development

Exploring municipal and provincial levers to advance inclusion of affordable housing policies into plans for the Hamilton Light Rail Transit corridor.

This work would align with the Hamilton Community Benefits Network.

Project Partner: Karl Andrus
Students: Amandeep Saini, Hartley Kostrzewa, Summer Akhtar, Ali Siddiqui, Raagavi Ramenthiran

Project Team 2: Intensification and Affordable Housing

Increasing the Spectrum of Housing Choices: Building on outcomes of the Stop the Sprawl movement, this work would focus on identifying levers required to broaden the spectrum of housing options as Hamilton increases density targets. This could also involve exploring opportunities to educate the public on what these options are.

This work would align with Environment Hamilton.

Project Partner: Lynda Lukasik
Students:  Kailey Cutillo, Ardyn Gibbs, Thalia Thompson, Zoe Ullyett, Rachel Carson

Project Team 3: Housing Displacement and Supply

How do we prevent people who are in precarious housing circumstances from being displaced? As housing options in the region become increasingly expensive, how might we preserve affordable housing stock?

This work would align with Acorn Hamilton.

Project Partner: Olivia O’Connor
Students:  Kemi Adesina, Alysha Birdi, Victoria Sawicki, Victoria Iro, Mar Tut, Vithuyan Sugumar

Project Team 4: Amenities and Wrap Around Services

What supports are required for people living in affordable housing units with regards to support services and amenities? What barriers do people face and how might these be removed? What are the unique barriers that specific communities and/or marginalized groups face in relation housing?

This work would align with the YWCA Hamilton and United Way Halton and Hamilton.

Project Partner: Violetta Nikolskaya (YWCA), Kirstin Webb (UWHH)
Students: Bianca Mancino, Sharon Lim, Nicole Schandl, Arden Jacoby, Katelyn Curkan