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Student Opportunities for Community Engagement

Are you a student interested in getting involved in community engagement at McMaster? Whether through a volunteer opportunity, course, practicum placement, service learning opportunity, or otherwise, there are many ways that students can get involved in and learn about community engagement while studying at McMaster.  Please click on the following links to learn more about potential opportunities:

  • Community Engagement Curriculum: Are you looking to incorporate community engagement into your academic pursuits at McMaster? The Network for Community-Campus Partnerships encourages undergraduate students to consider the following options as part of their degree.
    • Foundations of Community Engagement (CMTY ENGA 2A03): Regardless of your degree, you will be a member of many communities— your workplace, your professional group, your neighbourhood, your city, your country, the world. In the future, whether as a scientist, engineer, business professional, humanist, social scientist or health/social services provider, you will be called upon to participate in community activities and community change. CMTYENGA 2A03, an interdisciplinary course available to students from all Faculties, explores the politics, processes and functioning of communities and provides foundational knowledge and skills for effective and principled community engagement.
    • Interdisciplinary Minor in Community Engagement: Designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills for participation in communities regardless of one’s primary field of study, the Interdisciplinary Minor in Community Engagement allows students to deepen and expand their understanding of communities and develop skills for principled and effective engagement. The interdisciplinary nature of the minor allows for a broad knowledge base from which to establish relationships with a range of communities both locally and globally. Students are required to take CMTYENGA 2A03 and 21 additional units (selected from two or more Faculties) from three lists that cover theory, experiential, and capstone courses. Click here for details and please reach out to your academic advisor for more information.
  • Student Success Centre: Are you looking to explore diverse learning opportunities to support your academic, personal, and professional growth? Whether it be mentorship, orientation, career-planning, service-learning, experiential learning, or developing your academic and leadership skills, the Student Success Centre can help.
  • McMaster Students Union (MSU): The MSU represents undergraduate students on campus and works to provide students with political representation while also enhancing student life. Alongside the many clubs that operate both at McMaster and in the broader Hamilton community, the MSU facilitates and supports a great many opportunities for students to get engaged. 
  • School of Graduate Studies: If you are a graduate student and interested in getting involved in potential research or educational opportunities you can visit the School of Graduate Studies website or contact Andrea Cole at
  • Graduate Modules on Community Engagement: In 2013 McMaster was involved with six other Ontario universities in a collaborative project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. Coordinated by the Ontario Consortium for Graduate Professional Skills Training Development, the collaboration saw the creation of a series of online modules created to support professional skill development of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. McMaster contributed to the project by developing two modules on community engagement.  Anyone with a McMaster email address can access these modules via the links below:
  • Experiential Education Opportunities: McMaster University has offices of experiential education in each Faculty. Click on this link to learn more about who to get in touch with in your Faculty to explore experiential education opportunities.
  • Graduate Students Association (GSA): The GSA provides opportunities for graduate students to get involved in social, athletic, and intellectual activities. Many of these relate directly to broader engagement with the community. 
  • International Student Services (ISS): ISS provides support for international students and internationally-minded Canadian students at McMaster University. We promote an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive community with a shared purpose: the student experience.
  • Volunteering: Learn more about the groups and organizations facilitating volunteer activities on and off campus.

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