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Faculty Opportunities for Community Engagement

Are you a researcher interested in getting involved in community-based participatory research? Are you considering incorporating some aspects of community-based experiential learning into your teaching? Are you already involved in either of these activities and seeking to connect with other McMaster colleagues or community partners? We know that many faculty members at McMaster are already deeply involved with community in a variety of ways, but we also know that we can do a better job of connecting with each other both internally at McMaster and with our community partners.

Research Facilitators

Each of our Faculties have research facilitators who support and facilitate research project development, including helping researchers engage with community partners.  These roles are unique to each Faculty. You can learn more about the research facilitator in your specific Faculty, including how to contact them, by clicking here.

MIIETL Community Engaged Education Community of Practice

McMaster's Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (MIIETL) is facilitating a ‘Community Engaged Education’ Community of Practice that brings together staff and faculty who are interested in exploring teaching and learning initiatives that connect students with our local community. Four meetings will take place over the Fall 2014 semester.  Those interested in learning more about this opportunity can visit MIIETL's Community of Practice web page or contact Amy Gullage (Chair) at  or 289 244 0749.

Workshops on Community Engagement

Over the course of each year, McMaster will be facilitating workshops on specific topics and themes arising from needs and priorities of our community partners.  While we will be working with our colleagues to identify potential participants in these workshops - based on research interests - we are also hoping to develop a list of potential faculty who may be interested in taking part over time.

Faculty Development

Branching into a new area of research can be a steep learning curve.  McMaster has recently launched a series of workshops for new faculty members, including a specific workshop on community engagement. 

International Research

Are you a faculty member interested in pursuing international research? McMaster's Office of International Affairs provides support and guidance for researchers pursuing international research and partnerships. Click here to visit their website.

If any of the above ideas sound of interest, or if you have questions beyond these issues, please let us know via the contact form below.  You can also connect with the Network via the Network Liaison from your Faculty.  Click here to view a list of Network members.

If you are already involved and/or not yet involved but interested in connecting with us regarding community-engaged research, education, or service activities, we would love to hear from you. Whether you have ideas to share with us based on your expertise or experience in this area, have questions about how to get more involved, or have thoughts or ideas that you would like to explore further, we encourage you to use the contact form below to get in touch.