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Neighbourhood Campus Network

The Neighbourhood Campus Network (NCN) is a partnership between the City of Hamilton's Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS) neighbourhoods, the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Community Foundation, Mohawk College, Redeemer College, and McMaster University to facilitate and coordinate research, placements, volunteers, information and resource exchange. The goal of this group is to develop a coordinated and participatory approach to research.  This is done through sharing NAS action items with members while also educating each other on how to engage with residents, share knowledge and resources, and improve the overall coordination of our collective efforts.


  1. To exchange information and build better relationships, building on the assets of all partners.
  2. To develop a new collaborative and integrated way of working together for mutual benefit
  3. To create opportunities for post-secondary experiences in neighbourhoods that are connected to the neighbourhood action plans and have concrete outcomes

NCN Members

Membership is made up of representatives from the following organizations and neighbourhoods:

  • Jamesville Community Planning Team
  • Beasley Neighbourhood Association
  • Keith Community Planning Team
  • GALA Community Planning Team
  • Stinson Community Association
  • Sherman Community Planning Team
  • Crown Point Community Planning Team
  • McQuesten Community Planning Team
  • Davis Creek Community Planning Team
  • Riverdale Community Planning Team
  • Rolston
  • City of Hamilton, Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS)
  • Social Planning & Research Council and one Community Developer
  • McMaster University, Network for Community-Campus Partnerships and School of Nursing
  • Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF)
  • Redeemer University College
  • Mohawk College
  • Neighbourhood Action Evaluation (ex-officio member)